Thursday, January 3, 2008

The search for Nebbiolo whole and crushed begins

Last week I started reaching out to my online community, and the growing community. My goals were twofold:

1. Find some great Barbaresco's, Barolo's, and other Nebbiolo based wines to consume in a manner that would educate me on what ot look for. When I find these lovelies or not so lovelies I will share my findings here. The format will be to taste them fresh then every ten minutes until there is a settling point for the wine. Sometimes Aisha and I will taste together, and sometimes we will be joined by others. When something truly magical arrives, I will hunt down the Brix at crush, the PH and acidity, and if possible the person who did the work. I will share this education as well.

2. Find Nebbiolo grapes in Central/Northern California. My desired quantity is 500lbs, so I can make about 15 cases, perhaps two different ways. I am willing to buy as much as a ton, although this could be risky since that means I am committing to about 60 cases. I better get it right if that is what I do.

So in the first week I reached out to a Vineyard in Paso Robles, a Grower in Albany my LinkedIn community, and a few other blogs across the sphere. Regarding the grapes, I was ignored by the Vineyard thus far, the grower, Brehms, informed me that they might not have Neb's to sell this year, thus the hunt continues. My LinkedIn community has turned me on to a few leads for wine, a Canadian winery, and a couple of experts in Italian wine. I also was turned on to a gentleman who recruits for the industry that says he can point me to some Neb lovers.

So as the hunt continues I am going to share my story, and what comes of it. I feel that for a week long stint, the path looks cluttered but visible. I would ask the few of you that have checked out the blog from Italy (Yes I can see who comes to my blog, man this net thing just keeps getting better), to comment on some good wines. I want to drink them....badly. For now, I am going to go to my "guy" at the best wine shop in Santa Cruz. He is more of a Zinfandel/Cab/Syrah guy, but he has never steered me wrong. I should have a couple of tastings to share this weekend. Until then, Ciao!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

What a wonderful New Year, some other wine tasted

I just wanted to share with everyone what a wonderful New Years Eve we had! While no Nebbiolo was offered, we did drink lots of big bountiful Zinfandel's, Cab's, and Syrah's. Our host, as all hosts should be was generous with his many wines from Paso Robles, Napa, and the Central Coast.

My two favorites:

Jessup 2002 Zinfandel Napa - Rich and creamy, the most butter I have had in a Zinfandel in a long time. The nose was a vibrant explosion of blackberry and pepper that made it hard to pull your nose from the glass. The complexity of the aromas as the wine slid across your tongue was near erotic. Simple sneaks of licorice and oak jumped past and the strong berries and left a long pleasant finish. A GREAT ZINFANDEL THAT I RECOMMEND!

Tobin James 2004 James Gang Reserve Syrah– While it was a nice long lasting chewy wine that help up nicely in the glass, it left a little too much fruit lingering for me to call is spectacular. Rich pepper and raspberry with a bit of chocolate. It was pleasant in the glass and honestly was the second best wine of the night. It just did not have the complexity that the Jessup had.

We had an amazing meal of Prime Rib and sides. The host owns a meat distributor so he had one of his customers stuff the rib line with fresh bacon then pepper the entire rib. It helped to have such bountiful wines as the combinations sung on your tongue.

Anyways, thank you to all of my linked in buddies who have been giving me places to hunt down some Neb’s. We look forward to tasting and sharing again real soon.