Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year to All - La Loggia 2003 Barolo

Well, it is 6pm on New Year's Eve and Aisha and I are about to go to a friends for a meal and many glasses of wine. We will be drinking Pinot's and Champagne, along with whatever our hosts and other guests bring. I doubt there will be any Nebbiolo grapes in the offing, so not much critiquing will be available.
So what did we do, went to Trader Joes and surprisingly found a $12 Barolo. YES I KNOW IT IS NOT GOING TO BE GOOD, but we promised ourselves we would try every Piemonte wine we could, from the ugly to the sublime. So here goes:
La Loggia 2003 Barolo $12 at Trader Joes:
Fresh from the bottle:
Right out of the bottle it has a ruddy color, no garnet shine as expected from a Barolo. "It looks like blood," Aisha says. It actually looks like blood that is drying up and oxidizing quickly.
Strong acids that tickle the nose and leave little remaining. A slight cherry and pepper behind the assault.
Surprisingly strong and pleasant cherry flavor behind the strong acid and pepper. No oakiness at all, but I hopeful that it could become something. There is a long and satisfying finish that rolls into blackberry. Might we have another steal at $12?
10 Minutes


The nose is losing its acidity quickly, but unfortunately all that remains is pepper tones. No real fruit in the olfactory which is shedding away some of the hope.


There is no real change in the structure and while it has only been ten minutes I am concerned

20 Minutes and beyond

The nose has lost its acid but gained nothing in return. No pleasantries left.

Without any real fruit this wine has widdled down to a peppery flavor that boasts nothing else. It is like a flat Zinfandel with an amazing long finish. Ironically the tongue enjoys the wine much more at about 3-4 seconds from a good chew.


I guess if you wanted to show off, or pretend to, the $12 is good. Otherwise, I have had better wines of EVERY VARIETAL for under $7. It might be good to pour for 20 people 5 minutes after opening so it had no more time to release its boredom.

A poor wine that I hope we never replicate.

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